Letter To Congress Project

Creative voices advocating for the preservation of public lands for the sake of American spirit & sanity

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Our Vision

Needs Your Voice.

Letter To Congress: A WILD Sanity is an outdoor dance film advocating for the protection of American public lands for the sake of our spirit and sanity. It is the place from which the Letter To Congress Project & The Wild Cards To Congress Campaign was born. The film is comprised of a spoken letter and original music and is illustrated by dance on some of the most breathtaking public lands found in the Rocky Mountains. More than anything, its an attempt to bring the personal, intimate and profound experience of public lands to lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to the power of art. Learn more about the film.

Wild Cards To Congress is an art movement encouraging all citizens to express their passion to protect public lands through creativity, personal story telling, and art. Letter To Congress project collects wild words, submitted by you, and pairs them with an artist to illustrate them. Thus, a WILD CARD is created in attempt to articulate the deep importance of public lands on shaping our American spirit and maintaining our sanity. Each Wild Card captures the personal, heartfelt voices of some 500 million American citizens who experience our public lands annually through words, song, art, dance, and poetry and delivers them to our lawmakers in Washington, D.C. 

Create Your Wild Card. The creation of a Wild Card takes place in two parts. First, writers and citizens compose and share their "wild words." Second, the words are then paired with an artist to illustrate those sentiments through their own medium. See the events below to get involve or contribute here. 

Playing Your Wild Card. In collaboration with Women For Wildlands, all Wild Cards will be shared on social media as a citizens call to create! Wild Cards will be used to social media to call citizens to action, placed as ads in newspapers,  and printed in one publication that can be distributed to stakeholders and lawmakers. All Wild Cards will be archived here, and a final compilation will be printed an delivered to lawmakers. 

Why We Need YOUR voice. We are at a moment in history where a diverse and deeply expressive collection of voices is key to illustrating to our lawmakers that our public lands are important to every American. We hope this outdoor dance film as well as other Wild Cards can be a starting place in helping citizens of all different backgrounds, passions, and means of connecting with the outdoors to find their own words and form of expression to advocate for the public lands that belong to all of us.

Official Trailer of Letter To Congress: A WILD Sanity

Create Your Wild Card

COMPOSE YOUR WILD WORDS in 130 words or less. We have some tools and  sources of inspiration and writing to help get you going. Some letters will be paired with an artist to illustrate your sentiments through either music, dance, or fine art. 

SIGN UP TO ILLUSTRATE some wild words using your artistic medium. Dancers, musicians, and painters help give these letters color and depth to deliver a more powerful message to lawmakers and fellow Americans. These illustrations will be shared on social media.  Artists will be credited.

SIGN OUR LETTER. If you don’t have time to create something on your own, or you're at a loss for words, sign the original letter spoken in the film Letter To Congress: A WILD Sanity! It's an easy way to add your support. 


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Screening of "Letter To Congress: A WILD Sanity" & Wild Cards Kick Off Party

Wednesday, June 27 at 7:30p.m. at The Launchpad (76 S. 4th St, Carbondale, CO)

Join Women For Wildlands and Letter To Congress Project on June 27 at 7:30p.m. at The Launchpad for a full screening of the outdoor dance film “Letter To Congress: A WILD Sanity” and the official kick off of the "Wild Cards To Congress" Campaign. Join the collective voice of artists, poets, musicians and citizens for an evening where art promises to transcend politics for the love of our public lands! There will be live music by Morgan Williams and friends, Wild Cards on display (aka citizen letters illustrated by artists) and happy hour libations and snacks. At 7:45p.m., poet and teacher Cameron Scott will host a mini-creative writing workshop to help you find your wild words for public lands. A full screening of the outdoor dance film, Letter To Congress: A WILD Sanity will take place on the Launchpad lawn. The film is just shy of 20 minutes. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs! This event is free and open to the public. For more information contact Deborah Colley at director@lettertocongressproject.org.

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Wild Words, Wild Voices: workshop w/ Cameron Scott

Tuesdays, Beginning June 26 from 5:30-7pm at The Launchpad (76 S. 4th St, Carbondale, CO)

Ever written an ode to a favorite place?  Or wanted to unleash your barbaric yawlp out into the world? Come join local writers and poets as we explore the craft of writing about place and the places we love. Come to  a single class to get some inspiration to write your wild words to contribute to the Wild Cards Campaign, or come if  you are searching for a community of writers to write with this summer. Whatever your reasons, facilitator Cameron Scott welcomes you to join. This summer weekly writing workshop is open to writers of all ages and backgrounds and will be focused on the craft of writing with plenty of in class generative writing exercises. For For more information, please contact Cameron@fishtrap.org.