Illustrate a Letter

Use Your Creative Expression & Bring Some Wild Words To Life


We believe that art, in all its forms, has the power to transform reality...

Painting, dance, music, graphics, animation--all artistic expression helps us to feel things we did not expect to feel and bring meaning and insight to situations that words alone cannot always provide. Equally important, the role artworks play in documenting our times and the experience of everyday people is beyond measure. That's why your artistic voice and collaborative spirit is VITAL to the success of The Wild Cards To Congress Campaign. 

How It Works

Getting Started


Two Ways To Illustrate:

OPTION 1: This option allows you to have total control of your creative process! Compose your own Wild Words, indicating on the form that you will also illustrate it. Create your illustration, document it, and email a digital version of it to us.  You may decide that you want to incorporate your written letter into your artwork, but know that the written letter will also accompany the artwork as plain text on our website and social media. 


Digital Documentation of Your Work

You will need to submit your work to us digitally by emailing it to  Your work will also be housed digitally on this website and shared via social media. What method you choose to document your letter doesn't matter to us as long as your work is represented well. We think even modern phones have a great capability to capture sound, movement, and still images well enough to get your message across. 

OPTION 2: This option is collaborative in nature! Sign up to illustrate a letter with your art form and we will pair you with another contributor's letter. Once you've been paired, you can get to work either directly incorporating or drawing inspiration from the letter's words into your art work. The written letter will also accompany the artwork as plain text on our website and social media. 


Share Your Work

1. Your work will be housed HERE and may be posted to our social media outlets on Facebook & Instagram

2. We will credit you, add a link to your website (if you have one), and share your Facebook & Instagram so that other people can connect with your work.


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Don't Have Time To Create a Wild Card?