Many hands make light work.


Creative Team

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Creator & Artistic Director

Deborah Colley is a Carbondale-based dance artist, educator, organizer, and public land advocate. Trained in classical ballet, modern dance and composition, Deborah took a hiatus from dance to earn a B.A. in Environmental Science and dedicated her early twenties teaching Environmental Education. In 2011, Deborah returned to the arts, working as an arts administrator and helping to establish the dance company CoMotion. With her outdoor dance film, Letter To Congress: A WILD Sanity, Deborah has finally combined her two passions, utilizing creative expression as an advocate for wild public places. 




Jeremiah Hutchens attended UC Santa Cruz with a major in ‘Film & Digital Media’. While in California he discovered a passion for cinematography. He has developed a distinct visual language over several years that continues to evolve and refine with every project. Published by Fellow Mag, he has also worked freelance as a Director of Photography for clients such as Vidal Sassoon, Free People, Apple, Grado Labs, Cosentino, Hightimes, Jazz Aspen, and filmed Snoop Dogg for Bootsy Bellows. When he isn’t doing a commercial shoot, he enjoys the solitude of landscape photography.


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Becca Rogers
Carolyn Yates
Dana Ganssle Ellis
Deborah Colley
Emily Fifer
Meagan Londy Shapiro
Shannon Jones

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Vocals, Banjo: Sarah Morehouse
Vocals, Guitar, Effects: Morgan Williams
Vocals & Narrative: Deborah Colley
Percussion: Eric Baumheier 


Composition: Morgan Williams
Arrangement: Deborah Colley
Production: Dave Taylor/Cool Brick Studios


Extra Support: 

Masks & Graphics: Brian Colley
Creative Process: Laura Stover
Film Support: Adam Brooks
Film Support: Hamilton Pevec
Logistics Support: Nick Forbes



We couldn't have pulled this film off with out the support of our producers!

Roaring Fork Beer Co.

Sustainable Settings

Peppinos Pizza

Kat & Pete Rich

John & Evlyn Schmidt 

Pam Taylor

Barbara Bush

Arnie (Merril) Carter

Jennifer Catto

Alan Colley & Dabney Tompkins

Peter & Mike Gilbert

Deb Jones

Nancy Shapiro

Amy Kimberly

Maggie Faulkenberry

Sarah Uhl

Mark & Gwen Thomas

Robert Ganssle

Dale & Walter Taylor

John & Mindy Williams

Deborah Fifer

Sarah Bailey

Dessa & Evan Shaprio

Leslie Johnson

Maggie Ward

Carrie & Matt Vickers

Frank & Maureen Londy

Fran Page 

Susan Vorhees